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45 Florence St, Mount Pritchard, NSW, 2170

0422 126 725

Best Holiday Vacation Care at Liverpool, NSW

Top Vacation Care in Liverpool, NSW

We work to make our vacation care in Liverpool (NSW) a home away from home for your child. 


Our staff is enthusiastic and passionate. Our activities are fun and informative. We know that the school holidays are a time for your child to explore new things and unwind, so we want to help them do that.


Never a dull moment

We facilitate activities like arts and craft, story time, kitchen science and ball games. All our indoor and outdoor activities vary daily to make sure your child doesn’t get bored and is constantly engaged. Besides these supervised activities, we have excursions so your child can have some fun supervised experiences while learning about the world. 


Happy and healthy

Little Mounties has a focus on making sure each child is happy and healthy during the program. We have daily exercise or sports-based activities. With our five healthy catered meals each day, you can rest assured that your child is getting their fruit and veg. 


A place in the community

Little Mounties value the  National Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) principles. This means each of our staff is focused on helping your child develop their confidence and self of sense. We believe that a supportive community, with strong bonds can help kids establish a sense of community. We also believe by taking their voices into account and helping them develop their talents, we can help children bolster their confidence. 

We never stop learning

Our learning program is based on NSW curriculum framework. So that you can be sure, that they have some time these holidays to go over and improve their language, maths, science, arts and PE skills. 


Everyone’s welcome

At Little Mounties our Liverpool Vacation Care is culturally diverse, we understand that when you sign up your child, you’re also signing up the whole family in a way. We want you to know that we’re onboard and excited to work with you. We are always ready and welcoming of your input about your child’s care away from home.

Call us at 0422 126 725 today to get in touch.