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45 Florence St, Mount Pritchard, NSW, 2170

0422 126 725

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Pre-Schooled and Prepared in Liverpool, NSW

At our preschool in Liverpool (NSW), Little Mounties is on a mission to look after your child and see that they get preparation that they can before entering primary school. 


The start of anything can always be scary. And your child might either be dreading separation or excited to learn, and spend time with other kids. Whichever it is, our preschool workers at Little Mounties are well equipped. We come with compassion, experience and a curriculum to ensure your kid has all they need to grow up happy, healthy and loving to learn. 


Our curriculum is based on the key principles of the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF), dedicated to creating a sense of belonging, being and becoming. We understand that kids are active contributors to their own learning, and we give them the opportunities to expand their language, creative, math, science and social skills with various activities. 


Our team celebrates all their progress and victories – big and small!


We take the utmost care to ensure that our preschool in Liverpool, NSW is always a safe and welcoming environment. Our preschool is culturally diverse community. All our staff members are chosen for their passion and great sense of caring and empathy. We understand that when you’re enrolling your kid, you’re enrolling the rest of your family with us. And we’ll accept you as our family. We’re here to support your needs as parents. 


We want to build a strong supportive network with the kids, staff and families in our community. Our preschool welcomes your input and participation. With your child’s social and learning needs but also in our activities. It can be fun, and very rewarding to get involved with our activities. We send all our parents a newsletter too. Keeping you updated with any new developments or changes we’ve made to adapt with growing needs or research in childcare. 


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