Exploring colours using the palms of our hands

This week, the Little Mounties’ children explored various colours with paint.

The soothing process of painting allows the children to focus and explore their creative imagination. Painting really allows us to see more than a simple picture. As children develop, they become more focused on reading representations and conveying ideas. This is why the children love it so much as they express, “I want to do painting everyday”.

The children learnt how colours are made by learning about the primary colours of red, yellow and blue. On Wednesday, the children were working collaboratively in teams of two to form secondary colours.

The children used their hands to mix the colours and they were excited to see how two colours can create a completely opposite colour just by using the palms of their hands. This activity really fascinated the children which lead children to display their curiosity through play and that is why we are here as educators to respond and encourage them to expand their creative thinking and imagination. y

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