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Best Day Care & Early Childhood Learning Centre At Liverpool

Best Daycare Centre in Liverpool 


Our Early Childhood Learning Centre in Liverpool is very understanding of the needs of working parents. They want their child to be looked after with the utmost care, while being given opportunities to learn and grow.


We believe that every child is precious and full of potential. Accordingly, our team works to build a safe and secure environment where every child is involved and has their victories celebrated. 


We want to put excitement in each child with the notion of learning. Using their interests, ideas and what their curious about to tailor in changes to our Early Year Learning Framework (EYLF) based curriculum. To make it as exciting and engaging as it possibly can be for our young minds. 


At all our Little Mounties daycare centres, we facilitate the perfect environment for your child to be safe, happy and healthy by: 


  • Providing fresh, nutritious meals each day. 

  • Dancing and working out with fun exercises. 

  • Promoting cultural understanding, as we explain and introduce them to different experiences and way of thinking. So that they can develop empathy and broaden their horizons.  


We want them to have a solid foundation of learning to take with them into literature, mathematics, sports and other fields in the future. We’ll build on your child’s confidence by giving them opportunities to practice their reading, writing, counting, and hand and eye co-ordination. While also encouraging, celebrating and helping them to further build their strengths. 


They will be excited to update you with what they’ve learned or discovered. We encourage and help them keep up a daily log of their learning with drawings and stories. Our team members also put together newsletters to let you know of any updates or changes in our Liverpool daycare centre. As well as how we’re responding to the needs or feedback of families and the community. 


We’re devoted to serving and working with you and your family, to give your child the best start in life.


Contact us 0422 126 725 to learn more today.

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45 Florence St, Mount Pritchard, NSW, 2170

0422 126 725