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Best Child Care Centre in Liverpool , NSW

Little Mounties Liverpool

The Best Childcare Centre in Liverpool NSW!


At Little Mounties Childcare at Liverpool we encourage every child to reach their full potential in these crucial development years. We love, value and look after your children as if they were our own. We do this by creating a safe and secure environment for fun, passionate learning, and problem solving that feels like home. So that we can foster their growing learning, interests, self-esteem and confidence. 


That’s just a few reasons why we’re one of the best child care centres in Liverpool NSW!


We believe that it is an important time as ever for your child to learn

It’s a great time to explore, discover and interact with different stimuli. We’re sure that our colourful and clean indoor area will help stimulate your child’s imagination and creativity. And our outdoor playground and garden will help them engage in healthy play. While building connections between other kids and learning about the environment.


We’ve built a place they can discover their passions and develop them. With our flexible program based on NSW curriculum, our staff are able to help them hone their skills and knowledge. So that they can have a strong, resilient foundation of understand and a passion for learning to bring with them when they start school.  


We want to work with you to give them the best start in life. 

We think it’s what sets our child care in Liverpool, NSW apart.


Here for each other 

We’ve seen that kids work best when they have the strong backing of a solid support system. By partnering with parents, families and our local communities we can create a sense of belonging and partnership with every child. We believe our childcare in Liverpool NSW is at its best when we all work together.


At Little Mounties, we’re constantly learning and adapting with the changing needs of children, families, staff and the community. Our ongoing evaluation allows us to create a quality service responsive to those needs. If you would like more info, call us at 0422 126 725.

Contact Us

45 Florence St, Mount Pritchard, NSW, 2170

0422 126 725